• Morgan Boerup

when you only have 30 minutes or less to relax...

So you only have a few minutes to decompress. What do you do? What do you reach for? What will make you take a second and breathe? It's important when you only have a few minutes to calm down, that you are actively engaging in activities that will take your mind off of whatever you are stressing about.

For me, when I have 30 minutes or less, I reach for a book to relax. I have a simple rule that when I read, I allow nothing else but the story to be on my mind. Reading gives me an escape from all of the stresses that I have and I can take a few minutes to let it all go.

Using your mind actively for something other than worrying can help you take a few steps back. As great as watching TV is, your mind is being passive and not using any real effort. That's why even when you are watching a great show, in the back of your mind, your stresses are still there. Reading is a great way to actively engage your mind in something productive (and you can better yourself with self-help books too).

My personal favorite books are the Harry Potter series, the Red Queen series, and any good mystery/thriller! I also like the classics, but those are more for learning instead of enjoyment... at least that's how it is for me.

Something else that I like to do when I am getting overwhelmed, is to write down my goal list/to do list for the day. I find that when I prioritize my life I am reminded of what really matters and what doesn't. Keeping your priorities in order and on paper helps to clear your mind of all the clutter. I also find that when I make a to do list I feel more accomplished and ready to succeed/crush the next task! It's a good motivation booster:)

My lists are simple. I write down things like; work out, get ready for the day, make dinner, do homework, do the laundry, etc. I keep things simple and easy to skim through so I don't get stressed out just by looking at the daunting list. As soon as I complete a task on the list, I cross it out and I feel better about myself. In a way, I think it is showing myself that I can still be productive even when I don't want to be- which is a good reminder!

I also do breathing exercises when I am having a full blown panic attack. My therapist recommended this app called breathe2relax. This app is amazing and it helps you start to calm your body down when you are having a meltdown... (lol let's not even talk about how many times I've used it... too many to count)

This is what the app looks like, and its free on the App Store!!!

The last thing that I like to do to relax really quickly is to spend time with my dog! Remington always is willing to cuddle and let me give him some attention. I love those cuddly moments and they help me to calm down when everything seems to be so difficult.

I hope that some of these tips can be useful for you, as you look for ways to calm down quickly. It's important to figure this out so you can be rejuvenated quickly and make it out the door to your next class, appointment, or lesson.

Until next time.

Choose happiness,


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