• Morgan Boerup

sugar smart box

I have a lot of difficulties with eating. My relationship with food is not the best (although I am working on it) and I struggle with eating my feelings. Binging has been a bad habit, and when I do binge I am reaching for food that is excess in sugar. The sweet tooth struggle is real! That's why I was so happy to get this Sugar Smart Box in the mail!

Sugar Smart Box is a monthly subscription box that sends healthy snacks and mixes to your doorstep! I loved this box because it came with prepackaged snacks that had easy to read labels. Most of the snacks were under 100 calories and low in carbs and sugars. It was good to know that what I was putting in my body was good fuel that could keep me going. After eating these snacks, I didn't have a big sugar/stress crash (which is a big bonus)!

I didn’t know this, but it’s common to crave sweets when you are stressed. According to studies*, your body uses up more energy faster, resulting in a need to refuel quickly. The best way to get your blood glucose up? Sugary foods like candy bars, sodas, and fast foods... or in my case; brownies! I know that these are my guilty pleasures, but I always end up feeling fatigued, more anxious, and crappy about myself after I eat them. I wanted to find a good alternative to these foods; especially when it comes to snacks (because, who doesn’t love snacks)!

I was so happy to open up my Sugar Box and see that a lot of the foods and snacks that I loved were included- just a more healthy alternative. I was especially happy to see a brownie mix was included in my box. This brownie mix was so easy to whip up! It only took me five minutes to put the coconut oil, eggs, and water in and throw it all in the oven. The brownies turned out pretty fluffy and easily came off of the pan (another bonus! no sticky residue leftover:)

Some of the alternatives to my favorite foods that they sent me were; turkey jerky, brownie mix, protein chips, flaxseed crackers, and little coconut cakes! My husband and I demolished those snacks within a few days. Lance is not the type of guy who loves eating healthy, but he sure did love the treats included in this box.

Sugar Smart Box was a great gift this month, and it was exciting waiting to see what treats would show up at my door. I really enjoyed my box and thought I would rate my favorite snacks for you below! This is the score that my husband and I gave the following snacks:)

Turkey Jerky- 8/10

Coconut Cakes- 8/10

Brownie Mix- 7/10 (it has a different after-taste that you need to get used too, but it is pretty good!)

Harbenero Pecans- 10/10 (my personal favorite!)

Dill Peanuts Lance- 10/10, Me 7/10 (I'm not a big fan of dill, but the peanuts were really fresh!)

Whey Protein Chips (Sour Cream and Cheddar) - 8/10

Italian Zest Flaxseed Crackers- 5/10 (The flavors are great, I'm just not a flax seed kind of girl... but the Italian blend was so good I pretty much licked it off the crackers!!!)

All in all, it was delicious!!! Lance was pleasantly surprised that he liked all the snacks:)

**This is a sponsored post, but my reviews are my honest opinions.



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