• Morgan Boerup

Social media fast- a way to help your anxiety/depression

A few weeks ago, I took some counsel from church leaders and got off of social media. These church leaders promised that if we would take a seven-day break from social media we would feel more at peace with our lives, distance ourselves from the “fake”, and not be so depressed. I took this advice to heart and got off of social media for a few days (full disclosure I didn’t make it the whole week, but I DID limit my time on social media drastically).

I know that taking a “break from the fake” is beneficial for your confidence, but I didn’t know if my depression would be lessened by staying away. I was pleasantly surprised to see that staying off of Instagram and Pinterest did help my depression.

How, you might ask, did stopping my scroll help me feel more at peace with my life? I honestly don’t know, but I have some theories.

1. I was productive. I so often fall into the trap of putting a television show on in the background and then scroll on my phone… mindlessly lost in photos. When I kept off of social media, I was actually able to do more! I did most of the laundry, I baked deserts, I did genealogy, I got creative, and I was more focused on my relationships.

2. I wasn’t caught in the comparison wheel. I fall into the trap of comparing myself to the women on my Instagram and Pinterest feeds. You know the type; expertly curled, long, and blonde hair. They have mastered the perfect cat eye and buy the most expensive designer clothes. And you can’t forget their perfect house, impeccably designed. Oh, and the vacations they go to on the blue seas of Santorini, Greece. No, I was able to distance myself from these accounts that I compare myself too.

3. I made more time for myself. With extra time, I was able to devote more energy to my self-care and self-love! I read more books that I enjoyed, I watched more movies with my husband, and I made more good food. I felt more accomplished which made my confidence in myself go up. I actually woke up excited to tackle the next day; instead of my usual angry/sad self.

These are three of my biggest takeaways from my seven-day social media fast. I noticed a difference in my outlook on life and my overall enjoyment of it. I think that at least limiting my social media intake has allowed me to feel freer and to not become obsessive about the things I’m not perfect at.

Would I recommend someone doing the social media fast? Yes! I absolutely would. You will feel better about yourself and where you are at in life. If you can’t completely stop social media, I recommend limiting your social media intake to an hour a day. 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening is what I did, and I still noticed a lot of benefits.

I hope that you consider taking a break from social media and finding things you love about yourself.

Choose happiness,


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