• Morgan Boerup

macy's story

At the age of about 10 is when my mom started to realize that I was uncharacteristically down and had some odd tendencies to check if the door was locked exactly three times, shake out my clothes three times, etc. more and more often. She took me to the doctor and I was diagnosed with Minor OCD, Depression, and Anxiety. But it got really bad at the age of 15. I felt alone, sad, and like I had nothing or anybody to lean on. I started to feel as if there was a battle raging in my head of a person that was hopeless. One that didn't have faith and hope. One night when I was so exhausted from crying, and just feeling helpless; I turned to the only person I thought could help me. My Heavenly Father. The moment that I got down on my knees I knew that I was loved, and protected, cared for, understood. I was whole. I began more and more to lean on my Savior Jesus Christ and His Atonement. I began to get better immediately with the help of my Savior and prescribed medication. It took a full year to feel somewhat recovered from the trauma, and I continue to struggle with my mental illnesses EVERYDAY. I learned to lean on my faith and my family, and I make sure to recognize all the love I receive in my life day by day. It truly helps me to force myself to see how much I am loved and to get out of my room and be around my family and friends. Your family and friends DO TRULY CARE NO MATTER WHAT YOUR MIND MY TELL YOU. YOU CAN OVERCOME.

Thanks Macy for opening up and sharing your story!

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