• Morgan Boerup


What is hypnotherapy? Can it really help? Will I remember anything? Will I be awake or asleep during the session? These are just a few questions that you can find the answers to in this blog post!

I went to my first hypnotherapy session last week and it was a really cool experience. I went to a guy in Southeast Idaho and I was a little skeptical at first. I was nervous that I would have no memory of what happened during my session (which would be an OCD sufferer's worst nightmare!) and I got real nervous.

Luckily, my hypnotherapist called me and answered all the questions that I had before my session. I asked him, will I remember anything? Will I be awake during the sessions? Can it really help me with my OCD?

He assured me that hypnotherapy is a very viable and real form of therapy that can get to the root of problems. He related our minds to a garden. Regular therapy can clear the weeds off the top of the garden, but it can't get down to the root without a little help. That's where hypnotherapy comes in. It can act as a shovel and help break through that layer of earth and allow you to get the weed's root completely out.

After hearing that comparison, I felt more confident. I asked him about my state of mind during the sessions and was told that there are various depths of hypnosis. My therapist told me that he uses a light state of hypnosis, where the body is asleep while the mind is still awake. I would remember everything that went on during our session and I could recall what we talked about.

So, I showed up for my session with my husband in tow (thanks Lance! :) and we talked with my therapist for a bit about the details of hypnosis and the science behind it. After we got all the information we needed, we walked to the big recliner and I sat down.

I honestly didn't think that it was working for the first few minutes, but soon I was under and my subconscious was bringing emotions and memories back to the surface that I thought were long gone. I was amazed!!! Soon I was working through problems that I had no idea influenced me, and I felt much more confident as I left. I am very excited to go back and work through whatever problems I may have.

While hypnosis is not just for people who have undergone extreme trauma, it can be especially beneficial to go to a specialist if you have experienced something traumatic. Hypnosis can actually make it less painful and feel less realistic to go back and talk about trauma that has happened. Sometimes, people don't even have to relieve those experiences to work through them. Some people are able to just address the emotions during their sessions, and are then able to improve their quality of life afterwards (which is totally amazing!).

Hypnosis is a great way to address mental illness, trauma, smoking, weight loss, and other habits/disorders that affect your everyday. While it is not yet recognized by insurance providers as a health procedure (therefore it is not covered), most hypnosis specialists are reasonably priced. The therapist that I go to has also made it clear that most people's problems are identified and treated within 4 (1.5 hour long) sessions! Hypnotherapy also falls under HIPPA and there is a code of ethics that they must follow as well.

If you are in the Southeast Idaho region and are looking for a hypnotherapist, Lige Rose is the man to see! I highly recommend looking into this new form of therapy that can change your life for the better.

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