• Morgan Boerup

a few ideas

It's no surprise that lately I have been confused, unmotivated, and feeling a bit like a failure with our community. A lot of it is the depression and anxiety talking; but I decided to take a bit of time off and think about some solutions.

I have been making lists and creating ideas on what to share in our little community that would be both beneficial and fun. I want everything I write, post, and create to reflect back on mental health and our journey. I don't want it to be a page all about me and my issues (even though there are plenty of them, haha! ;) I also don't want it to be a negative space full of venting and no problem solving.

I want to have a community that is full of hope, encouragement, real moments, support, advice, and compassion. So, I have decided that I wanted to incorporate a few new ideas into my feed that have impacted my life in the past few years and will still resonate with all of you.

1. Mental Health. Obviously this is the first thing I talk about on my feed! Mental health, raising awareness, fighting the stigma, and educating others has been an amazing experience- and I plan on having everything revolve around it.

How Can You Be Involved?

Easy! Comment, hashtag #itsjustmyocd, support, share your story for #survivorsunday, or even just share it on your Instagram story! Help be a force for good and let other's who are too scared to talk about their illness know that they are not alone. I want us all to reach out to those around us and boost them up. Give support. Let them know that they are not alone. We all know how much of a difference that makes in our own lives.

2. Relationships. For me, this means marriage and family. Having people part of your support group is vital. But I want to include a few ideas on date nights, family get togethers, and other activities and HOW to get through them with a mental illness! I want to include more of an insiders view into how I work at and manage my relationships, and give ideas on how you can do the same. But no fear, I'll still keep it real. No fluff.

How Can You Be Involved?

Again, comment, hashtag, support, and share! These are so important in breaking the stigma and showing support for everyone involved with the mental health battle.

3. Self care. This is a topic that is so broad, but is so important but often not used in the right context. Not all self care is treated the same, and not all problems can be fixed with some chocolate (although... that could help).

It's no big secret; if you don't take care of yourself, your mental AND physical health will decline. I plan on talking more in depth about different ways of self care (emotional, physical, mental) and when to tell that you need a break (and that it is OKAY if you do need a break).

How Can You Be Involved?

Let's repeat it again! Comment, hashtag, support, share and like! All of these will help get our community seen and grow. We can learn from one another. We can be compassionate and give one another strength. Heck, I have made such good friends on this account and I wouldn't change that for anything! Being involved does make a difference in YOUR health too!

4. Finding the beauty. This is not a make up and hairstyle section. This is not a "don't you wish you looked like this/had this/were this" section. This is a part of the community about finding beauty when you are struggling with being happy or enjoying life. This is about finding beauty in the ordinary and the extraordinary. It is all about cultivating a beautiful life even if you are currently living in chaos.

How Can You Be Involved?

Besides the same things I have been mentioning, in this section we need to be positive and actively try to find one beautiful experience in our day. Being alive and being human is a wonderful experience; we need to enjoy it as much as we can. Not everyday will be perfect, but there will be something good in every day (even if it's just a good soda "mocktail" mix)!

5. Real talk. My jam and the holy grail of my posts. Here is where I will do mental health updates, talk about what's going on in my life, give encouragement, and share real life tips and advice. Real talk is important in being honest and #endingthestigma so let's talk it out!

You already know how you can be involved, but if you are still unsure, I'll just refer you to the bolded sections :)

I am really excited to include these into the community and share just how much mental health can impact various parts of our lives. I look forward to connecting with you all and focusing on the work of removing the stigma from our lives, and the lives of those who are not yet ready to speak up about mental illness.

Much gratitude,